A New Beginning

I’ve tried this a few times before but never kept my blog up to date. Now, I’m going at it again because I’d like to become more serious about my photography and hopefully make some money in the future. If I want to make money I’m going to have to step it up a notch or two (or many more notches…) and get better at photography. I thought that starting a new blog and actually doing my best to keep it up to date with fresh photographs and stories would be a good start. As well as photographs, in the future I plan to share some insight on some photography gear and techniques. Hopefully you enjoy what I post and also benefit from it. Thanks for reading, and please comment if you like what you see!

"Jilin City, China"

Preparing spicy peppers.

This photo was taken when I traveled to my girlfriend’s hometown last week. The two ladies in this picture are sorting spicy peppers, which they will later string up and hang to dry. After the peppers dry they’re ready to use for cooking. A really tasty thing to make with these peppers is called spicy pepper oil. The peppers are ground up using a mortar and pestle and then put in oil and held over fire in a mettle spoon or pot. If you’re into spicy things spicy pepper oil is an amazing Northeastern Asian condiment!


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