Stare Master

Today when I walked to meet my girlfriend for dinner I decided to bring along my camera since the weather had changed from the rainy mess it’s been the past few days to a nice sunny but windy day. I snapped a few shots along the way and then got to the road her dormitory is on and started thinking about my Craft & Vision assignment for this month: create an image with dynamic balance. Even though I’ve been into photography for awhile now, I’m very new to thinking more about composition and how different elements affect how an image feels. I’m still a bit confused about dynamic balance so I hope I’ve done my work right. I still don’t know if this will be the image I submit for my assignment so I will continue to think about and try to shoot images with dynamic balance this month.

I’m pretty happy with this image except for the fact that the man’s face is a bit blurry. I wanted to use diagonal lines to create a sense of movement and also practice panning with my camera for the same reason. I wasn’t so prepared for the shot so that’s why the man isn’t so clear.

If you haven’t checked out Craft & Vision yet, I highly recommend going there if you’re even a tiny bit interested in photography. They have an amazing selection of cheap e-books and a new community for bettering our photography.


4 thoughts on “Stare Master

  1. markustoday says:

    Cool pic, nice detail…

  2. munchow says:

    You did well creating a strong dynamic balance in the picture, with lots of space in front of the motorbike and the diagonal lines – as you point out yourself. I really like that you put the bike and rider way over to the left, that creates more positive energy and tension in the composition. I myself might want to increase the local contrast, if I may come with an advise. And bring the bike and rider more into our attention by darkening the background around him. I like the picture.

    • psweany says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment and advice, I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely take your advice into consideration as I will probably re-edit the image again soon.

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