WordPress is Better

Lately I love the light.

Lately I love the light.

A month or so ago I decided to move my blog over to my 500px page but now I’m thinking it was a bad idea. I love 500px, but I don’t think it’s a suitable home for my blog. WordPress generates more traffic and anyways, I like the customization I get here at WordPress. So, with all that said, you can continue to come here to read my blog and to see more of my photography you can find me on Facebook or 500px.

Lately, I’ve been dying to get out and take photos. Anything and everything makes me want to take photos but I haven’t had much time recently. Today, I thought of an idea to help me from exploding from lack of photographic opportunities. During my class I have a twenty-minute break that I usually just sit through. Now, I’ve decided to go out during the break two to three times a week to take photos. It won’t be a long photo shoot or anything but I think it will help me relax and feel good about my photography. The above photo is my favorite from today. Enjoy!


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