Many in Years

I wonder what he's looking at...

I wonder what he's looking at...

I took this photo from the bus while I was going downtown to meet a friend. I love the expression on the man’s face and also his pose sitting in his chair. The first shot I took of him, I put him on the right side looking out of the frame to make the viewer wonder what the man is looking at. The second and third shot were like this, the man on the left looking across and out of the frame, and I’m much more satisfied with this shot. I know it’s a rule to keep the subject from looking out of the frame but I’m a fan of breaking (photography) rules. Well, in this shot I think sticking to the rules worked out much better and anyways it’s pointless to break a rule just to break a rule if the shot doesn’t work out.


I Like Turtles

"Zombie"In my last update, I said I wanted to practice photographing subjects that are different that what I normally shoot and also use a different lens that I usually use. Well, this is what I came up with.

I went out to the morning market to buy some vegetables and decided to take my camera with me. I almost never use my 55-200 so that’s what was on the camera body. I took a few shots in the market and then some from above the market on a staircase and didn’t really come up with anything different than I normally shoot. I decided to go back home with my eggs and outside the door to my apartment there was a man and his baby. They were letting their turtle crawl around on the sidewalk so I shot a few images of it. This was the one I liked the most. Later, the man let me take a shot of his baby and then I chatted with them for awhile.

From Concentrate

"Concentrating on Chinese Chess"I took this photo the same day I took the one from my last post, “Enter Here”. For this shot, I crouched down behind a wall that had about a two and a half foot space underneath for me to shoot through. I took several photos of the men playing chess and liked this one the best because of the different expressions. The gentleman on the left playing chess seems to be concentrating on his next move while the gentleman on the right seems to be thinking about how he can counter attack. The gentleman in the back right, well I just can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking about. And then there’s my favorite, the gentleman in the brown vest in the middle. He seems so happy and is smiling in all the pictures I took. I just love his expression.

On another note, I just joined a community of photographers wanting to better their craft. This community is part of the website, Craft & Vision. This website is has a collection of great e-books about photography, many of which are written by David DuChemin, who is an amazing photographer and author. His books have been extremely helpful in my quest to better my photographic ability. The new community consists of a blog, a monthly podcast with homework assignments and critique of members’ images, free e-books, and monthly giveaways. Make sure to click the names to check out Craft & Vision and also David’s website.


Enter Here

"A family entering a market."

A family using a market as a passageway.

A few days ago, I went on a few mile long walk to make a big circle near my apartment. My goal was to practice photography; street photography of people in particular since that’s what I’m most interested in. Disappointingly I only got a few good shots, half of which aren’t even of people or considered street photography. My two favorite things to photograph is light painting and people, especially in a cultural setting. I think that’s what I’m best at but it seems like I’m in a rut and want to expand my ability beyond those two aspects of photography. So, I’m giving myself a mission to take pictures in a different way, use a different lens than I usually use, and find different subjects that I’m not used to. Hopefully the results will be good and I will become a better photographer.

I took the picture above on that walk. When I took it, I didn’t have black and white or square format in mind but I think it worked out best that way. I like the way the the building frames the family in the middle of the photo.

Lakeside Beauty

"My Girlfriend"

My beautiful girlfriend next to the water lilies in her hometown.

Here is my beautiful girlfriend posing for a picture in front of the water lilies at a park in her hometown. The park is called North Mountain Park, which has some really great scenery. In the park you’ll find some small mountains with temples on top, a lake full of water lilies, an ancient looking bridge, and a lot of other fun things to do and look at. Besides being famous for it’s water lilies, Jilin is also known for the lights on the buildings at night. After dark near the river every building has bright beautiful lights shining creating amazing reflections in the Song Hua River. There’s even a floating musical fountain that stretches a long way down the river.

A New Beginning

I’ve tried this a few times before but never kept my blog up to date. Now, I’m going at it again because I’d like to become more serious about my photography and hopefully make some money in the future. If I want to make money I’m going to have to step it up a notch or two (or many more notches…) and get better at photography. I thought that starting a new blog and actually doing my best to keep it up to date with fresh photographs and stories would be a good start. As well as photographs, in the future I plan to share some insight on some photography gear and techniques. Hopefully you enjoy what I post and also benefit from it. Thanks for reading, and please comment if you like what you see!

"Jilin City, China"

Preparing spicy peppers.

This photo was taken when I traveled to my girlfriend’s hometown last week. The two ladies in this picture are sorting spicy peppers, which they will later string up and hang to dry. After the peppers dry they’re ready to use for cooking. A really tasty thing to make with these peppers is called spicy pepper oil. The peppers are ground up using a mortar and pestle and then put in oil and held over fire in a mettle spoon or pot. If you’re into spicy things spicy pepper oil is an amazing Northeastern Asian condiment!