My Hands Were Numb…

The Cage

The Cage

Tonight, like most nights, I stayed up really late. Actually, that’s a lie. I stayed up late and then some. Now it’s 5:54am and I still haven’t gone to sleep and don’t plan to anytime soon. What can I say? I’m a night owl… And a day owl. I just don’t want to sleep.

Anyways, I wanted to take some photos for my girlfriend since she’s away on her internship now so I rode my bike to the largest “square” in China. (At least I think it’s the largest in China, maybe Asia, I can’t remember…) It wasn’t so cold when I left my house but the ice cold PBR I brought along for the ride changed my body temperature fast… When I took this photo my hands were freezing and mostly numb. Luckily riding my bike back home got some circulation to my hands and I didn’t get frostbitten.

I really don’t have anything special to say about this photo other than I like it. I don’t know why I like it, I just do. I know that as a photographer I should be able to talk about why I like a photo but honestly I’m too tired and sleepy to even think about it, so I’ll just leave you with this: I thought the cage looked cool so I took the photo…

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s writing style and photograph. : )