Pieces of Flare

Don't Leaf Me

Don't Leaf Me (Print available for purchase at RedBubble.)

Lately, I’ve been into playing with light hitting my camera lens in angles that create flare. I’d never done this intentionally before and never really thought of purposefully adding lens flare as an artistic touch until recently. One day when I was out shooting I noticed a nice looking beam of light coming across my frame and decided to see if I could capture it with my camera. I knew that this wasn’t actually a beam of light but an effect created by light hitting my lens. I thought it my first attempt looked pretty good so I continued to experiment and came up with this photo above.

Ever Orange

Ever Orange (Print available for purchase at RedBubble.)

This next photo (above) wasn’t a complete accidental discovery like my first photo in this post. In this photo, I had come to this location to purposefully shoot with lens flare from the morning sun but had no idea what I wanted to shoot. If anything, I had planned on shooting the path again but then came across this orange “evergreen”.

Anyways, all this goes to show that playing with your camera and experimenting may create some awesome results. Don’t be afraid of accidents or messing up because getting out of your comfort zone with your photography is a great way to learn new techniques.


Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

When I went to this place this morning I hadn’t planned on shooting this spot with a person. I expected to be alone when I went to this place and shoot a nice tranquil lonely path. As you can see, there was a man on the path when I got there. He was doing what I assume was his morning exercise walking back and forth on the path.

I think that I achieved the shot I wanted to get and even more. My goal here was to create a photograph with a warm, peaceful feeling. The morning sunlight was warm and shone through the green soon-to-be orange trees. The path was quiet and the green foliage mixed with the warm morning sunlight on the ground gave the scene a dreamlike peaceful feeling. That’s the scene I set out to capture. Since the man was unexpectedly walking through my nice warm and peaceful dreamscape my shot transformed into something more. To me, the man looked like he had something on his mind; like he was contemplating heavily about something important. So with this man added into my peaceful scene, my image’s theme transformed into “contemplating in a peaceful place”.

All this goes to show how it’s easy to set out to photograph something specific that will have good results but the unexpected can bring different, maybe even “better” results. But I guess in the end, “better” is in the eye of the beholder.